BWM Dülmen - our new project in Dülmen

Together with the Agrar- und Umweltservice Möllers GmbH, we have built a new biogas plant on the grounds of the Barbara barracks in Dülmen, near our headquarters in Münster.

Here the manure from the farmers and horse farmers from the region is processed into biogas.

"Only manure from regional agriculture is processed in this biogas plant, and the gas is fed directly into the natural gas network," explains Philipp Bussmann, project manager at revis bioenergy GmbH.

In March 2020 we filled the system for the first time and started trial operation - with great success.
The first feed took place on March 20, 2020.

Our system has been running in automatic mode with Thyssengas since March 31, 2020 and is currently being fed 350 Nm³ / h of biomethane into the natural gas network of Thyssengas.

The remaining container construction measures, as well as the hall construction and remaining asphalt work are currently being completed.
The completion is planned for April.

Take a look at the article in the Dülmener Zeitung from March 6th, 2020 for more information:

We are very concerned about the successful expansion of our company and future projects.

Your team at revis bioenergy GmbH