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In a biogas plant, different organic raw materials, waste and residual materials are transformed into energy and fertilisers. As one of the leading manufacturers, for years, revis bioenergy have been setting up industry-standard biogas systems based on a flexible plant design.

The plants are characterised by a high level of quality, flexibility and ease of use.

The high demands made of the facility fundaments (industry quality) lead to a stable operation and prevent costly subsequent investments.

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Industry standard biogas and biomethane systems

  • Biogas & biomethane system construction - your system builder
  • Project development
  • Planning & construction
  • Approval planning
  • Plant operation - your operator
  • Operating
  • Analytics & lab support
  • Process optimisation
  • Manure supply
  • Funding by revis bioenergy - your investor

The highest demands on quality: industry standard systems

revis bioenergy plants are no standard products, but are designed based on the individual needs of each customer. With all systems, we place the greatest value on quality in the planning, design and production phases.

Industry quality is not just a catchphrase for us, it’s reality.

The construction and planning of biogas plants is carried out with recognised tools which form the basis for the continuously high-quality and comprehensive setup.

Our internal processes are designed to generate quality and permanently improve production.

We also place equally high demands on our suppliers and their services. We only use components from established companies who also fulfil our quality demands. All components used were tested in our own plants and have proven their durability and efficiency before being used at our customers’ premises.

Our quality forms the basis for the later success of our customers.

No matter what the future brings:
flexibility with substances and production

Investing in a biogas plant is investing in the future – and we can only guess what the future will bring. Yet your biogas plant must be capable of adjusting to changed framework conditions.

Changes in the raw material composition must be tackled, as well as the changed demands of energy production.

Flexible markets require flexible biogas plants

Biogas plants from revis bioenergy can be adjusted without difficulty for new or additional substances and other energy provision by adding supplementary components.

The modular structure of our plants gives you the freedom to add new modules and thus to meet new demands.

Changed input substances: new demands

There are various feeding systems available to allow for an efficient processing and pre-treatment of the most varied of input substances.

Modules to thermally treat food waste and slaughterhouse waste can also be integrated like unpacking modules for pre-cleaning food waste.

The possibilities of use of the revis bioenergy biogas systems allow you to ferment organic raw and residual materials, from communal green waste, grass, straw, farm manures as well as food waste and industry residues.

More from biogas: biomethane and CNG rule the markets

The transformation of the produced biogases into electricity and heat was the only form of energy production for years. In the future, the transformation of biogas into biomethane and CNG will gain more importance.

Since 2011, revis bioenergy has already planned and set up plants for generating and supplying biomethane. Our biogas plants and third-party plants can be supplemented with a biomethane system without any problems. We can expand existing biogas plants from other manufacturers individually according to customer needs.

To process biogas into biomethane and / or CNG (compressed natural gas), revis bioenergy uses the most varied of technologies – always in accordance with the individual demands of your location and situation and with our eye on the best possible economy. We can guarantee you to find the perfect solution for you, independent of the manufacturer.

Efficiency in all areas: fully mixed fermenters

The better mixed the biomass is in the fermenter, the more efficient the biogas production becomes.

In our plants, we always use fully mixed tall fermenters. These are ideal for processing organic raw and residual materials, waste or other organically-affected process waters. The full mixing guarantees an even (good) biological environment in the whole container. This ensures the best fermentation of the input substances and the highest possible gas yield and a stable process.

The advantages of the fermenters used by revis bioenergy:

  • Central stirring unit ensure minimal energy consumption
  • Easy to maintain
  • Even biological environment = highest gas yield
  • No floating layers (high costs caused by floating layers)
  • Fresh biomass is mixed directly after entry

Our services at a glance

revis bioenergy have been setting up your biogas and / or biomethane plant for more than a decade corresponding to the individual requirements of your location. Here, as well as our extensive experience, we apply the highest industrial standards. Only in this way can we achieve the lasting profitability for the plants we set up which revis is known for.

In biogas plant building, the flexible process design and the typical redundant design of central plant components allow us to use renewable raw materials, household waste, residual food industry substances, farm manure, slaughterhouse waste and much more.

From planning to biomass procurement to biogas and biomethane system operation – you can rely on revis bioenergy.

You already have a biogas plant based on accruing residual substances, process water treatment plant or similar industrial areas.

revis bioenergy takes over your biogas from the flange and looks after the corresponding processing/transformation from biogas to biomethane.

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revis bioenergy GmbH offers you:

  • Biogas & biomethane system construction - your system builder
  • Project development
  • Planning & construction
  • Approval planning
  • Plant operation - your operator
  • Operating
  • Analytics & lab support
  • Process optimisation
  • Manure supply
  • Funding by revis bioenergy - your investor

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