Secure the Future with Biogas and Biomethane

A good climate for new energy

Environmentally-friendly, storable and independent of weather – the advantages of biogas and biomethane are just as varied as their possibilities of use.

The biogas / biomethane obtained from biomass, waste and residual substances is used for the production of energy, heat and fuel.

This process is not only climate-neutral, but also contributes to avoiding harmful greenhouse gases through the use of waste, for example.

The use of biogas to generate energy or heat can take place via gas petrol engines and/or ignition engines. Here, the gas petrol engines in the lower performance segment correspond to the industry standard four-stroke petrol engines which are built into commercial road vehicles. These are usually modified for the use of biogas to ensure the longest run-times possible. In the performance area of over 100 kW, the so-called short engines from diesel engines are modified using the four-stroke principle. The classic diesel motors as you would know them from shipping are also suitable, but not without thorough modification. The biogas cannot ignite itself in these engines due to the compression, and must therefore be modified into so-called ignition engines. Here, the biomass is mixed with a certain proportion of ignition oil to make the biogas more flammable. Among other things, rapeseed oil methyl ester, vegetable or fuel oil are suitable for this. The proportion of ignition oil depends on the methane content of the biogas.

A further possibility to use biogas, and by far the most meaningful possibility today, is biogas processing. Here, biomethane is obtained from the produced biogas through the revis bioenergy GmbH technology. The biogas is taken over by revis bioenergy GmbH, purified and processed into high-quality biomethane to natural gas quality.

Then, the biomethane is fed into the local natural gas network and can be taken out again at any point (balanced) in the whole European network, e.g. at natural gas petrol stations as biomethane fuel. In this case, the biogas or biomethane goes directly from the biogas plant to the end user.

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